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Custom Sound Wave Necklace

Custom Sound Wave Necklace

SKU: b7137c7a

This custom sound wave necklace is a perfect gift for any occasion. There are so many different messages you can send with this sound wave engraved necklace that will be sure to surprise your family and friends.

The uniqueness of this style of necklace sets it apart from other classy necklaces due to the artistry of the engraved sound wave. With graphic and sound manipulation softwares, we can convert sound to image and create a truly one-of-a-kind item of jewelry for you and your loved ones.

Do you have a special message you want to send to a loved one? For this beautiful and elegant sound wave engraved necklace, consider recording your first dance song from your wedding or reading your vows to your partner. For gifts for mom or your partner, they will be in awe of an I love you sound wave necklace and cherish it forever.

If you have a newborn or a young child, you could record their heartbeat or their laugh for a beautiful design you will want to wear everyday. No matter what sound holds meaning to you -- whether it is a song, a simple message, or a child’s laughter -- a personalized sound wave necklace is a distinctive piece of jewelry that we guarantee you will love.

This premium bar necklace is personalized with your own words as a truly unique item of voice wave jewelry and is a solid sterling silver necklace with an 18" chain. I love you sound wave jewelry is truly one-of-a-kind.


------------------ NECKLACE DETAILS ------------------


Size: 1.25" Wide
Metal: Sterling Silver
Chain: 18" sterling silver chain

Personalization: We can use your own voice for the sound wave or you can just tell us the words and we can create a sound wave out of it. You can also choose to have the words engraved on the front or back or not at all. 

Shipping: Dependent on chosen shipping method.

Please reach out with any questions you may have!

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